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You can find detailed information about our specialist, where you can get support in English, and grateful comments made by his clients below.


Psychologist Gül Babacan

You can find psychologist Gül Babacan’s CV and all client comments written by her clients below.

Psychologist and EMDR consultant in Antalya

She completed her psychology education at Ankara Çankaya University, where the language of instruction was English. During her education, she worked voluntarily in various institutions and organizations, and also received training in applying some neuropsychological tests and personality tests. After her graduation, she worked in various fields. She worked as a psychologist in non-governmental organizations where she was the executive partner of projects of international organizations such as UNHCR and UNFPA; During this period, within the scope of projects carried out in different regions and provinces, she carried out activities such as individual psychotherapy, individual consultancies, group sessions, awareness raising sessions, workshops, event planning and reporting with groups at high risk of psychological vulnerability.

Psychologist Gül BABACAN, who has been continuing her professional work for more than 8 years; She works intensively with the individual-psychological problems of adults, relationship and marital problems and sexual problems.

She currently continues to work with adults and couples as a psychologist and EMDR consultant at Optimum Psychology Antalya branch. She continues to serve her clients both face to face and online.



-EMDR Therapy Level 1 training and supervision -DBE

-EMDR Therapy Level 2 training and supervision -DBE

-Family Therapy and Couple Therapy Trainings

-Short Term Solution Focused Therapy

-MMPI and Adult Tests Trainings

-EMDR R-tep Protocol, Working and Intervention with Children, Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis in Trauma-Related Disorders, Intervention in Acute Trauma, Somatic Experiencing and Regulation (EMDR Association Trauma Research Group, DBE)

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 2nd Course (KDTD)

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 1st Course (KDTD, Mehmet Z. Sungur)

-Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction Basic Training (CETAD)

-Sexual Therapy Practitioner Training (Marmara Psy.&Prof. Dr. Sultan Doğan)

-Cognitive Behavioral Approaches (CBT) in Understanding and Treatment of PTSD

-Approach to Disaster and Trauma in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl Logotherapy Institute)

-Psychoanalysis Workshop (French Society of Psychoanalysts and Psychologists)


AREAS OF EXPERTISE – Psychologist in Antalya

*EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

*Individual Psychological Counseling

*Relationship Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy

*Sexual Problems and Sex Therapy



CLIENT ADVICE AND COMMENTS – Psychologist in Antalya

Total 32 Client Comments



Until this age, I had never shared what I experienced with anyone, neither with my wife nor with my children, but it grew inside me for years and I became unable to live. After meeting with Ms. Gül, I felt like I was breathing again, I felt revitalized. I truly enjoyed being around Ms. Gül, whom I trusted and felt comfortable with for the first time. This was the first time someone listened to me carefully like this. I will remain grateful.



I had the same nightmares almost every night. I couldn’t even get comfortable in my sleep. The events I experienced affected me in every aspect. It was like I was always in the same scene. I couldn’t let go of the past and look to the future. It was like I was stuck there. I sometimes felt guilty about this. Feeling constantly stressed was really tiring physically. I searched for the Optimum Psychology and the comfort I felt after our meetings with Ms. Gül is indescribable. I felt relieved. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted. Thank you so much for your support and everything else!


  1. S.

The problems in my relationship were growing and it had become impossible to get out of. I wanted to make our relationship better. We decided to discuss this situation among ourselves and get support. We thought let’s try it this way. We made a very good decision because we saw different aspects of not only ourselves but also each other, and our thoughts that we had not expressed before. We know that whatever decision we make regarding our relationship in the future, it will be a much stronger and more comfortable decision and that it will not have a negative impact on us in our future lives. The comfort this gives is also reflected in our relationships with each other, and we can approach things in a much more solution-oriented manner. We would like to thank Optimum psychology and Ms. Gül separately. I can recommend her with peace of mind for relationship problems.


  1. G.

It was as if there was a constant feeling of anxiety and constriction inside me. I felt a great weight. It got worse every now and then. After the process with Ms. Gül, I felt lighter and my chest opened up. Even my body is more comfortable. We also decided that we needed to have meetings that my family would need to attend. So we started coming as a family. We learned to handle most family conflicts step by step, and talking about how we should approach each other had a positive effect on each and every one of us. We benefited greatly from every aspect, it is a place I can come to without thinking.



I couldn’t even go to the grocery store alone because of my fear. As soon as I stepped out of the apartment alone, I had dizziness and heart palpitations. After the meetings, I was able to do whatever I thought I couldn’t do and I regained my self-confidence. I came to my senses as if I was reborn. Thank you very much.



For a while, I couldn’t enjoy life and was thinking about harming myself. Even though I made an appointment with the pressure of my family and friends at first, it made me feel very good to rejoin life and see different aspects by progressing step by step with the therapy I started. I’m glad I came and met you. I would like to thank Optimum Psychology and Ms. Gül.


  1. T.

I had memories that affected me deeply, every time I thought I would lose control. I blamed myself so much about these things that I was disconnected from life. I was starting to hate myself. However, after talking to Ms. Gül about what these actually are, understanding their effects on me, and working together, I can now understand them much better and feel like I am relieved of my burdens. I’m glad I came to you, thank you very much.



I was having some sexual problems and didn’t know how to solve it. I didn’t know any way I could share or go to understand the problem. However, after I learned that Ms. Gül was doing sexual therapy, I applied to her. I realized how wrong I was about this issue and it was resolved faster than I expected. Now I wish I had come and applied sooner rather than waiting so long. I thank her very much.



I’ve been to many places before, but I never felt like I was fully understood and somehow I couldn’t move on. No matter what I did, no matter who I told, it seemed like nothing would ever change. Before my therapy process, I had such negative beliefs about life that when I look back now, I would always evaluate every event and situation from a negative perspective. These negative beliefs of mine have changed so much with EMDR therapy. I consider myself very lucky to have met Ms. Gül, she does her job with great seriousness and care. It makes you feel this too. I definitely recommend her to anyone seeking counseling.



I had been having problems in my sexual life for a while and it was starting to bother me more and more. After all these meetings with Ms. Gül through Optimum Psychology, I followed everything we talked about step by step and got results that I was very pleased with. Moreover, I learned that some of my information was wrong and I renewed my perspective. The result increased my self-confidence not only in my sexual life but also in other areas. I would like to thank you for this. I recommend everyone to apply for their problems without waiting.



I had experienced traumatic events that would make most people change channels even when they watched them on television. I sought help when I could not tell anyone until now and could no longer breathe. I have come to the right place. Even though I didn’t understand it at first, now when I look back, I can see how well we have progressed and what changes have occurred. Ms. Gül achieved this change by performing EMDR therapy. I am very pleased with the changes in myself and I am grateful to Ms. Gül for her patience.



For me, life was like before and after the event I experienced. It was as if I was stuck in the bad events I experienced, I couldn’t think of anything else and couldn’t even carry out my daily activities. With regular meetings, it became just another memory left behind. I can’t express how much this has affected my life. Thank you so much for everything, I will always pray for you.


  1. F.

We applied to Ms. Gül for couple therapy. My relationship had become such that I was neither happy in the relationship nor could I end it. During the couple therapy process, which I first started with my partner, Ms. Gül sometimes took us into sessions together and sometimes held separate meetings. It was as if the problems I had in my relationship had made me a different person. I wasn’t even aware of it. Now I can get to know myself and evaluate what is good for me. Ms. Gül is a psychologist whom I can trust and call directly whenever I need from now on.



I was having a lot of problems in my life because of my impulsive behavior, both in my relationships, at work, and in my family. I felt like I wasn’t in control sometimes. It was like I had turned into someone else. With the guidance of my family, we started therapy with Ms. Gül. I would like to thank Ms. Gül, who informed you at every stage of the meetings, resolved your concerns and provided confidence by being accessible. Once you trust the process, you will be able to let yourself go.



Sometimes I had sudden intense fear and crisis-like feelings. I had to take constant precautions because I was worried about it happening again. I was constantly applying to the hospital with the worry that I was having a heart attack at unexpected times. Now I know that these are panic attacks and I can cope because I have learned how to approach them. In fact, it has already been almost completely cut off. Thank you very much. I can’t wait for the future.



We noticed some behavioral changes in my daughter in high school, and we didn’t know what to do about it. My daughter was crying at night and having trouble sleeping. She had become very distant from her friends and loved ones at school. She started to eat very little in terms of food. After meeting with my daughter, Ms. Gül, who refused to meet anyone, she was convinced of therapy and continued it for a long time. It’s fine now. We thank her very much for her interest. My daughter is also very pleased.



I had doubts and judgments about my identity and myself. This led me to destructive beliefs. But now I can think much more objectively. I would like to thank Ms. Gül for her unbiased and scientific approach to me and her open-minded and accepting attitude.



I had been experiencing unreasonable fear and uneasiness for a long time. Recently, I started hearing disturbing and frightening sounds. I was starting to think I was going crazy. I decided to meet with experts. Afterwards, our paths crossed with Ms. Gül. This whole process was very good for me. I am greeted with the same care and respect every time I come. It is very reassuring to see the same care despite the passage of time. She is a good psychologist who has improved herself in every aspect. Thank you for everything.



I had anger problems, my family always tried to convince me to go through therapy for years, and I made an appointment with Ms. Gül, regretting the behavior I had done in my last moment of anger. When I came to the first meeting, I was quite nervous and anxious. But from the first meeting, with Ms. Gül’s approach, I instantly felt at ease and was able to share everything without thinking. I thought I would have trust issues, but after meeting with her, all my doubts disappeared. I’m glad I came across you, thank you.



I had issues that I could not solve since my childhood. It appeared before me in different ways each time. On the one hand, I knew that I had thought disorders originating from my family, but of course, the process is always more understandable with a therapist. After therapy, I left it all behind and now I can look forward. There were times when I felt worse during the process. But I know now that this is part of the process, and I am grateful for that.



I had a lot of problems and troubles, which had been increasing for many years. Both the events from my past that I can’t get over and the complications in my current situation. I felt stuck in every way. I’ve been in a bad mood for a long time and I’ve never met anyone like this before. Of course, I didn’t expect it to change suddenly. I knew it would be a long process. But it was worth all the process, effort and time. I’m quite happy with where I’ve come. I would like to thank Ms. Gül very much.


  1. HE.

Our quarrels with my wife increased and we could not agree on a decision. She kept offering me couples counseling but I refused. Finally, I accepted and we started meeting with Gül Hanım. Good thing we met. The counseling we received was good for us in every aspect and we saw things we know we can do in such situations. We both appreciate this process. I recommend it to anyone considering it!



We had a sibling in our family who had some illnesses and we didn’t know how to treat her. Sometimes we were quite stressed because of this. After receiving advice from Ms. Gül, we tried to act accordingly and our lives became more orderly. We learned how to approach it. We still benefit from this information. Thanks!



My partner and I got along very well, but we had some problems regarding sexuality. We were experiencing sexual reluctance, sometimes he was sometimes me. Our sexual problems began to reflect on our relationship and on us. When we could not solve this issue on our own, we decided to get support and started meetings with Ms. Gül. Our relationship became stronger and we were able to solve our sexual problems in a healthy way. We are grateful to Ms. Gül for her interest and concern.



I was going through a period where I did not see anything as a solution and had no hope. I lost interest in everything. I had friends who recommended this place, but I always postponed it because I thought I wouldn’t be good at it. I was like that when I started therapy, I started it just to tell those around me that I tried. However, as the talks progressed, something seemed to slowly re-sprout inside me. I felt like I was starting to live again. It’s like my life energy has returned. I thank Ms. Gül and Optimum Psychology very much for this. Thank you very much for your support!



I couldn’t bear the weight of some of the things I experienced and I was confused about what to do. My mind was so confused that I couldn’t think anymore. This situation was affecting both my relationships with friends and family. I was having similar problems at work. When domestic conflicts were added to this, we decided to get family support. Meetings with Ms. Gül were so good that I felt like I relieved my burdens and took control again. I would like to thank Ms. Gül for what she did for me.



I applied to Ms. Gül for an eating problem that I could not overcome for many years. By working with EMDR, we managed to overcome this problem that affected my life, which I could never overcome no matter how many ways I tried. Even though I was worried at first that it would be like the therapies I’ve been to so far, I am so pleased with how it went that I recommend it to everyone with peace of mind.


Especially after the pandemic, I could not avoid my hand washing and cleaning problems. No matter how much I washed my hands or cleaned my house, I could never believe that it was clean. My hands were now becoming irritated. Although it seemed normal to me at first, my family started to feel very uncomfortable, so I reached Gül Hanım and Optimum Psychology. Our therapy sessions have ended and when I look back, I can see how much she affected my life and I cannot thank her enough.


Although I have been married for 2 years, I could not have sexual intercourse with my husband due to my vaginismus problem. The process was so difficult for me. After long research, and my doctor telling me that this was actually a psychological problem, I accepted it and met Ms. Gül. Our process with Ms. Gül progressed so positively and quickly that I would like to thank her very much here as well.


I reached Optimum Psychology Ms. Gül after my wife persuaded me. In our marriage, we always had communication problems because of our own families. Since the beginning of our marriage, we have never been able to leave our own families and become a family. We managed to become a family thanks to couple therapy and Ms. Gül. We are grateful to her.


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